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We can help you secure business funding from $10,000 to as much as $100 Million Dollars in a few simple steps.

Get Funding For Your Corporation

Money. It’s what moves mountains and builds businesses. If you need business funding to breath life into your new dream, or help take your existing one to a whole new level, we can help! If you’ve tried to get bank funding and got shot down, we can help!  Our aged shelf corporations are expertly engineered and guaranteed to meet or exceed all lending guidelines.

  • We can fund seasoned corporations 2 years or older with good credit.
  • We can fix 2 year or older corporations to achieve funding
  • For new or under 2 year corporations we have the best price in the nation for 10 to 20 year old seasoned shelf corporations ready to be funded.
  • $20,000 to $100,000 credit cards guaranteed

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We are a business credit service company and our main priority is to serve your needs. We are always available to answer your questions and help you make the important decisions you need to in order to grow your business.


We Handle Everything For You

We provide all our services in house including business broker loan funding, corporate credit builds, we provide unsecured business loans, online business line of credit, and aged corporations for sale that can qualify for fast and easy business loans. We offer expertly seasoned shelf corporations which we guarantee to meet or exceed all current traditional lending guidelines. Do you need a shelf corporation with a bank account, or an aged corporation with a solid credit profile? Click the button below.

What are the benefits of purchasing aged shelf companies?

It's simple to obtain bank loans and credit cards

A “shelf corporation,” also known as an “aged corporation,” or “Ready Made Company” when referring to an LLC, for example, is a corporation that is already formed, but not in use, and ready for “purchase” by a new owner. There are many reasons that people purchase shelf corporations. Buying an inactive business is the best way to acquire a business quickly without going through the time-consuming process of registering a new business. An older business will always have a better reputation than a newly registered business, and as a result, banks will view it as a more reliable investment option.

Aged shelf companies are more suitable for a bank loan.

Even If You've Been Denied Business Credit, The Truth Is You Can Still Get It.

The truth is that underwriters are checking off a list of boxes when they review your credit applications. If you are missing even one item on that list, they will deny your application for credit.

Our team are experts in preparing documentation to ensure that you are approved for credit the first time, the easy way. With something as important as your business, you cannot leave anything to risk. Let us help you get the business credit you deserve.

How It Works

Based On Your EIN Number

This is based on your corporate EIN number. Not your Social Security number. So all your assets are protected! The funding we offer doesn’t require a personal credit check or personal guarantee! 

We Guarantee Your Pre-Approval

With this program, we insure you your corporation is set up completely and correctly, so you will be pre-approved even before you apply for any credit!

We Do The Work To Get The Funding

We know what creditors are looking for we secure the 21 points of interest that each lender requires to approve you. We will guide you through, step by step all the way to the end, successfully helping you secure the funding you’re looking for.

Here's An Example

If your corporation needs 15 credit lines approved by Dunn and Bradstreet. We will give you an easy-to-follow pre-approved 2-tier list so you can achieve funding as quickly as possible.

Types Of Credit We Can Help You Secure

  • Large Limit Business Credit Cards
  • Lines Of Credit
  • Equipment Lease To Buy Options
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Cash Flow Financing
  • No Document Financing